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UFABET Minimum subscription. Unlimited play 24 hours.

UFABET Minimum subscription.

UFABET Minimum subscription. Unlimited play 24 hours. Today we will take you to meet Cards conquest the Land Lords. Yes, it’s a card game with a strange name.

But this strangeness brings to fun In which the card conquered the Land Lords or Tu Zhu is one of the most popular card games in China.

The game divides players into two sides.

Is the first owner And two other farmers Two farmers must work together to overcome the owners of the land.

The landowner is entitled to issue cards first.

And get 3 more cards than a farmer, whether the player is a farmer or landowner The party that runs out of cards first will win.

Those who are the owners who will get their cards first Other players Will sort the cards clockwise Each time a card must be drawn with a card that has more points than the points of the previously drawn card.

If there are no more cards

already drawn The last person to show a card in that round Importantly, if you want to play this card well Come, we do not disbelieve. Come to see the playing rules as follows

  • Dealer: When everyone is ready Will begin to deal. Every card is given 17 cards, with 3 cards left to be overturned and then choose who will be the owner If no one chooses to be the owner Will have to deal a new card
  • Turn cards: After choosing who is the last owner The owner will receive three remaining cards. And then reveal those three cards to the player
  • There are 2 types of land ownership selection.
  • Call for ownership ownership at Calling for ownership points at The system will randomly select first-place players after choosing 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points. The person who chooses the highest score will be the owner who Those who choose three points will be the owner of The score call will end immediately.
  • Chosen as the owner. The system will randomly call players in the first round. Players can choose “don’t call” or “call the owner” after choosing to call the land owner. The system will randomly select the first player.
  • After that, will cycle clockwise. Players will have one chance to win land ownership.
  • Can choose to “not compete” if no players choose. “Take ownership of land” rights will return to those who choose “Call the owner” every time they compete for ownership of the land.
  • The lost chip will be X2 in each round of land ownership.
  • Players who have chosen “don’t call” or “don’t compete” will not be able to choose. “Compete for ownership” again

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